Nanotechnology coatings are designed to protect various surfaces from environment impact and/or provide the surface with additional features (shine, matte effect, smoothness or etc.). Down from laboratories, nanotechnology was brought to daily life. Now, nano coatings evolved from invisible to visible through surface protection against moisture, dirt, grease, dust or other.


JSC “Baltic Nano Technologies” is a high-tech company, which creates and manufactures nanotechnology based surface protection products in Lithuania.

The company was founded in 2007. The company introduced a new innovative products HENDLEX to the market. These products are designed to protect various surfaces from destructive environmental impacts.

The desire to create the best surface protection products focusing on protective coatings, were the strongest motivation throughout the years of research. We are an innovative company that is guided by the principle of honest interaction with our clients.

Our main goal is to create and produce an innovative surface protection products in market, consult our customers about nanotechnology and provide professional services to a wide range of clients. All achievements of the company are the result of persistence, determination and goal oriented effort of the team. We believe that by investing in people and their skills, we invest in development of our business.

HENDLEX logo reflects our product creating history, bond with our customers and their trust which framed a strong image of HENDLEX. It represents the hard work and the success we accomplished in short period of time. HENDLEX is created by more advanced methods, which results in high performances when used and lasts longer.


We are open to business opportunities and cooperative possibilities. We can create coatings for your business needs and adopt it in the production process. Nanotechnology coatings can be customized for your products and for manufacturing process. Various business partners use our products and their components in different areas: car wash, car chemistry, brick and glass industries and other. We are striving for the highest quality of our production.

We consult our clients and always look for a reliable solution. We are interested in the success of our client, appreciate the partnership and seek for reliable and long-term partners.

Services provided by the company:

  • Manufacturing of nanotechnology based products;
  • The use of nano components in other products of manufacturing;
  • Technological solutions for businesses using nanotechnologies.