Sprayable nano ceramic coating for cars, motorcycles, aircrafts, ships




Hendlex Sprayable Ceramic is sturdy durable nano ceramic protective coating designed for cars and motorcycles.


This coating can be applied on painted and varnished surfaces, plastics and metals.


PACKED UNDER INERT GAS. Guarantee 100% effectiveness.


  • Enhances surface hardness;
  • Smoothens minor scratches and removes holograms.
  • Provides surface strong hydrophobic properties and “easy to clean” effect. Surface remains clean longer;
  • Significantly highlights paint color and provides it with greater shine. Does not attract dust;
  • Protects the surface from environmental impacts: acids, alkalis, road salts and UV rays. It also protects the surface from aging and provides it with additional protection from corrosion.


Application surfaces – Painted and varnished surfaces, plastics and metals

Covered area – 50-70 ml for one mid-size car

Durability – Up to 1-2 years, depending on weathering conditions

Coating properties – Water and dirt repellency, color and shine enhancement

Shelf life – 1 year, without opening the bottle



Thermal resistance  – -30 °C to +150 °C

Chemical resistance –  3<pH<12

Water contact angle –  102° 



Application temperature – +10 °C to +25 °C (recommended +20 °C)

Curing period – 12 hours initial; 7 days final

Storage conditions – +5 °C to +25 °C

Packaging – 60ml, 100 ml, 200 ml aluminum bottle. Packed under inert gas



The surface has to be clean, dry, grease free. If car is waxed, remove wax with HENDLEX Wax Remover. Wash the car carefully and make sure there are no washing products (shampoos, dirt, solvents) left on the surface.


For better result it is recommended to coat polished car surface. After polishing make sure to wash the car. It is recommended to remove the remaining water using the compressed air jet.


It is also recommended to clean the surface with HENDLEX Paint Prepare before coating.


Proper temperature for coating is from +10 °C to +25 °C.


Spray on the surface, spread with cloth, wait for 30- 60 seconds until coating starts to dry and polish it with microfiber cloth. Cover the surface evenly, make sure that you did not leave uncovered spots.


If the surface gets into contact with water, immediately clean it and repeat the coating. After covering each area, polish it again with microfiber cloth and make sure there are no unpolished spot left. If there is an unpolished spot and it does not get polished with any effort, use paint polishing paste or 2000 granular sandpaper. A cleaned area must be covered again.


50-70 ml for one mid-size car.


Recommended coating curing period:

  • if the temperature is higher than +22°C – 12 hours initial;
  • if the temperature is +20°C – 24 hours initial;
  • if the temperature is less than +18°C – need to use IR lamps (+60°C – +80°C) for at least 1 hour.

Do not wash the car for 7 days. Depending on the environment temperature, the coating fully hardens in 7 days.