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JSC Baltic Nano Technologies is one of the leading high-tech companies based in Lithuania, which manufactures innovative nanotechnologies products for various surfaces, including automotive, clothing, building and other surfaces.


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environment friendly

Most of our products are water-based and are entirely safe for the environment and people. The packages we use for our products are made from recycled materials.


Our company believes in the power of innovation and research, providing outstanding quality surface protection products to the market.


The core of our business is innovation and the usage of cutting–edge technologies based on meticulous research. All products are carefully tested and well-researched before manufacturing.


We strongly believe in the investment in our team because the devoted and professional employees are the success of our business development.


Your success is our success

We are open to partnerships with partners by supporting them with all the necessary business tools – marketing, sales, training, etc. We believe that your success is our success. By treating our partners as family members, we share the knowledge that helps them grow faster. Our partners are a highly valued part of our business, increasing the brands awareness, expanding the trade, and seeking common business goals. We would like to invite new partners to cooperate with us and become an integral part of our business family. We are also open to business opportunities and various partnership options. We can provide you with high–quality nanotechnologies products and customize them for you.

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