Nano coating for wood protection


Hendlex Wood OLEO is designed to protect wood and wood products against moisture, dirt, grease, oil and other impurities. The product creates a mild cleaning effect on the surface and it stays clean for a longer time.

Hendlex Wood OLEO is water based colorless wood impregnator. The product is absorbed into the pores of surface. It binds chemically and protects the surface from water and fat. The product is made of fluorine silane (the size of molecule is 1nm), and thus repels grease and oil. Coated surface does not change color, has no side effects (wet surface effect, gloss); surface remains air-permeable


  • Covered surfaces gains very good moisture and fat rejection
  • Surface remains air-permeable
  • Surface does not change color
  • UV resistant
  • Surfaces stay clean for a longer time and are easy to clean
  • Reduces attachment of chewing gum and stickers to the surface
  • Product does not contain silicone; therefore the coated surface is not glowing and does not have a “wet surface” effect.
  • Penetrates deeply and reacts quickly
  • Prevents growth of mold and lichen, accumulation of dirt on the surface
  • Increases surface resistance to cold
  • Protects the surface from saline and alkaline substances
  • Coated at a time
  • Have no volatile organic compounds

Remove dust, sand, oil, grease, moss, lichen, paint or other materials from the surface. All repair work must be carried out before covering the surface with the product. Surface must be dry. It is recommended to test Hendlex Wood OLEO on a small surface in order to determine the amount of product penetration, cost and hydrophobicity. Do not dilute the product. Shake the product before using. The ambient temperature should be between +4⁰C to +40⁰C. Recommended to use the product within 24 hours the temperature can fall below +4 ⁰C or it can start raining in the next 4 hours.

Do not impregnate Hendlex Wood OLEO with the surface that does not absorb the product, such as glass, plastic etc. During application, these surfaces must be protected against contact with the product. If the surface is vertical, it is recommended to cover it from the bottom to top to prevent run off traces.

It is recommended to cover Hendlex Wood OLEO product with low-pressure sprayer, roller or by soaking the surface by spilling the product on the surface

If there is 20⁰C and relative air humidity is not more than 55 %, the coating forms after 4 hours. If the temperature is lower and relative humidity is higher, the coating formation may take longer.

Tools should be washed with water.


Keep Hendlex Wood OLEO tightly closed in the original package. Protect it from freezing. The product is suitable for use for at least 12 months from the date of manufacture.


6-20m²/l depending on surface absorption. If you apply the product by roller, you will get a better output.