Sprayable nano ceramic coating for cars, motorcycles, aircrafts, ships


Hendlex DC60 is a highly advanced, easy to use sprayable ceramic coating that provides protection for automotive paint, rims, and plastic or metal trims. Coated surfaces have outstanding hydrophobic properties, strong chemical resistance, exceptional gloss, and deep shine.


PACKED UNDER INERT GAS. Guarantee 100% effectiveness.


  • Easy and fast application;
  • Significantly enhances and deepens the color;
  • Smooth, glossy finish with outstanding shine;
  • Provides exceptional hydrophobic properties, repelling water and dirt;
  • Gives a strong self-cleaning effect, requiring less effort to upkeep the car’s cleanliness;
  • Protects the surface from environmental impact and scratches;
  • Strong chemical resistance.


Application surfaces – Painted and varnished surfaces, plastic and metal

Covered area – 50-70 ml for one mid-size car

Durability – Up to 1-2 years, depending on weathering conditions

Shelf life – 1 year, without opening the bottle



Thermal resistance  – -30 °C to +150 °C

Chemical resistance –  2<pH<13

Water contact angle –  103° 



Application temperature – +10 °C to +25 °C (recommended +20 °C)

Curing period – 12-24 hours initial; 7 days final

Storage conditions – +5 °C to +25 °C

Packaging – 200 ml aluminum bottle



Adequately prepare the surface before the application of Hendlex DC60. Guidelines to follow to ensure the effectiveness of the product:

  • The surface must be washed thoroughly, free of any grease, contaminants, and residue.
  • If the car is waxed, wax should be removed before applying the coating. Hendlex Wax Remover is recommended.
  • For best results, it is highly recommended to polish the car to remove any scratches, swirls, or holograms.Ensure the surface is completely dry. It is recommended to utilize Hendlex Paint Prepare before applying the coating.

1. Facing away from the car, spray the coating on the microfiber cloth.
2. Spread the coating evenly until the surface is entirely covered by a wet uniform layer. It is recommended to work in small sections.
3. Allow the coating to cure for 1 minute or until the even layer of coating starts turning into scattered droplets.
4. Polish the surface with the microfiber cloth until all excess coating is wiped off.
5. Wipe the coated area with a clean part of the microfiber cloth for the perfect finish.
6. Recommended coating curing period:
– if the temperature is above +20 °C – 12 hours initial;
– if the temperature is below +20 °C – 24 hours initial.
Do not wash the car for at least 7 days.

Note: After coating the car, turn the bottle upside down and clean the included sprayer by spraying the remaining coating out. Store with the original bottle cap.


50-70 ml for one mid-size car.


Do not apply the coating on matte surfaces or direct sunlight.
Proper application temperature range: +10 °C to +25 °C.
Do not coat if temperature is more than +30 °C.
Upon finishing applying the coating, polish it by using microfiber cloth.
Ensure there are no spots left unpolished.